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Daily Reminders To Live A Fulfilled Life

I am sure you have heard these before but I have compiled list of daily reminders to live a happy, fulfilled life. 

1. Be a part of something bigger than yourself

2. Do everything with love

3. Replace the word fear, with possible

4. Be kind and have courage

5. Do what you love

6. Travel when possible 

7. Never stop learning

8. Take care of yourself first before you help others

9. Give back when possible 

10. Love your enemy. Know that the way people treat you is a reflection of them not you

11. Never give up. It is better to fail than to never have started at all

12. A loss is a never a failure but a blessing in some cases and a lesson in others. 

13. Be awesome

14. The best time to start something is now

15. It doesn't have to be perfect. Start your dream with what you have.