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How To Be Happy

Being happy and falling in love with your yourself go hand in hand. This post is focused on how to be happy. Being happy takes time. It takes work everyday. You have to constantly remind yourself to stay positive. 
I will discuss ways to boost your happiness. 
1. Mindset - you have to shift your mindset. Shift your mindset knowing that happiness is attainable if we change our life. If you are feeling unhappy, you have to find out why and change it. We are the creators of our lives. Think about things that would make you happy. Ask yourself what would make me a happier person?
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Walk through life knowing that each breath you take could be your last. Be grateful you wake up each morning by showing gratitude. Show gratitude multiple times per day. For example, you managed to make it to work safely? Show gratitude. Take it step by step. As soon as you feel down, remind yourself to feel positive and change your mindset. Do something kind for someone else or become a blessing to someone else. 
2. Smile More. Laugh more. They say you never know who may be falling in love with your smile. I will never forget the song you are never fully dressed without a smile. I am not saying to walk around smiling all the time because that is unrealistic but find things to make you smile or laugh. Explore things that make you feel better. Watch funny videos online. Learn to create good memories with your friends. Give your phone a break, learn a new trait, hobby, or exercise. Sometimes all it takes for me to relax are good smelling candles and music.
3. Explore your calling. Serve others. Reach your highest potential. Find out who you are as a person and what you can do to maximize your potential. Trust me you were not born just to pay bills, you are worth way more than that. Find out your talent and strengths. Everyone has a talent, you just have to explore yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What are you passionate about? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your dreams and aspirations?
The call to action is to answer these questions and start achieving your dreams. 
Become a positive person - Always look on the bright side.