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What Does It Mean To Be Happy

Do you know what it means to be happy? Some people think you have to do some soul searching or run away from your past to be happy. If you made mistakes in your past that are keeping you from being happy, I am here to tell you that you are not the mistakes you are made in the past. You have to let them go because they may be weighing you down from living in the now. Happiness really starts with a certain mindset and if you change your mindset you can change your life. You will see what I mean if you keep reading. 

Happiness looks different to different people. Happiness for one person could be something totally different for another. Does happiness mean overcoming fear or is happiness a person, place or thing. Ask yourself these questions. What comes to mind when you think of happiness? What does it mean to be happy? 

Were you able to answer it? Did you struggle? I have asked others, done my research, and I would like to share my findings with you.

This question of happiness was not easy to answer. No one taught us how to be happy in school or what exactly happiness is. We did not take a course on it. Many people struggled with answering while others were able to answer right away.   

A quick response was money or love. We all have bills and lots of money may eliminate that but then we find out that many people with a lot of money are still unhappy. Also, once the money is gone so is the happiness.

There was a large group of people that associated happiness with finding or falling in love with another person but once that person leaves, they are no longer happy. I am here to tell you that happiness should not solely depend on another person. I repeat your happiness should not depend on another person.

Happiness should be not be temporary, happiness should be permanent, something that is long term. I am talking about a true love story that lasts forever and that begins with loving yourself. 

What if I told you happiness can be simple. Happiness starts with falling in love with yourself. Doing things to make you feel good, deciding what your attitude will be towards certain situations. Staying optimistic during good days and bad days. So when something comes into your life such as more money or love, the happiness will only multiply. It will not leave you feeling empty if it leaves. You may feel temporary sadness but your overall happiness will outweigh your sadness.

It is time to learn more about yourself, change your mind set, and focus on your happiness. You can start by asking yourself some questions. Find out what your morals and values are. Find out what you are passionate about. What are your favorite things to do? What makes you excited? Who are you? What are your likes and dislikes? 

The call to action is to answer this question, Are you happy with yourself? If your answer is no for any reason, make all the changes to make the answer yes. 

Happiness is changing your mindset and learning how to be content with yourself by yourself. It takes work and it takes time. Work on your happiness each day.